The coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of artists

We left a year behind which we globally spent under pandemic conditions. Last year I talked to the children of my close friends, and asked them to describe how they view the world, how they perceive this complexity and new habits in this period:

With a similar motivation, I contacted a group of artists I knew, wondering how they interpreted the last year in the context of the pandemic, and asked them for a drawing.

Among them are the pioneer of the underground comics Robert Crumb, another key figure of the underground comics Gilbert Shelton and the animator-artist Bill Plympton

Here are the drawings they shared with me:

Robert Crumb (
Bill Plympton (
Noma Bar (
Noma Bar (
Gilbert Shelton 
Carlos Caca Castro (
Carlos Caca Castro (
Mert Yengin
Hugo Lugo (
Molly Crabapple (

During this period, I had a chance to communicate with the curator Işın Önol, who lives in New York. Önol thinks that the power of the image is undeniable in our visual culture in the period we live in. Many cartoonists, graphic and digital media artists made valuable contributions in terms of image production during the pandemic. She reminds us that, under the difficult and shocking conditions of the pandemic, artists had to withdraw themselves from production, just like professionals working in many other fields: “Some used their visual expression skills to direct and activate people, while others channeled their energy into solidarity efforts. One of the best examples is “Omuz” movement which brings a group of culture and art workers together. It is possible to contribute to this movement, which still continues with all its strength, via “