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May Day in San Diego

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‘An extravagance of love, poetry, language, color, loss, visual beauty’: The Butterfly’s Dream

    The Butterfly’s Dream “Kelebeğin Rüyası” was screened at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego yesterday.  Belçim Bilgin, Rahman Altın and Valentina Castellani-Quinn, the film’s female lead actress, composer and producer respectively, stayed after the screening for a Q & A with audience. Here is audio recording of the Q & A […]

Professor Bâli: Prime Minister seems bent on pursuing polarization

Interview with Asli Ü. Bâli on protests in Turkey and the government response to it…   Professor Bâli is Assistant Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law. She teaches Public International Law, International Human Rights and a seminar on the Laws of War.       Here is the interview:   What is your understanding of the protests in […]

Prof. Pappé: I wish the press in Turkey would enjoy more freedom

Ilan Pappé is an Israeli historian. He is a professor with the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, director of the university’s European Centre for Palestine Studies, and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies. I contacted Professor Pappé about the Gezi Park  protests and asked him the […]

Prof. Avi Shlaim: Erdogan is behaving like the old, authoritarian Arab dictators

  Avi Shlaim is a fellow of St. Antony’s College and a professor of international relations at the University of Oxford.  Professor Shlaim is the author of numerous books, most notably The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World, and is a regular contributor to The Guardian, the leading liberal British broadsheet. He is widely regarded as […]


An Inspiring Classical Music Experience: Chroma

    Chroma enchants and inspires children of all ages with intimate performances of classical music. Featuring colorful props, dynamic storytelling and audience participation a Chroma concert experience both entertains and educated. Here is the story behind Chroma : They were five friends looking for a special kind of music to perform. Pianist Elizabeth Sawitzke, who also teaches […]

The Scientist of the Year: Dr. Cagan Hakki Sekercioglu

From fashion to politics, from sports to science, Radikal has chosen the people who shaped 2010. A familiar name to our readers, Assistant Professor Dr. Cagan Hakki Sekercioglu has been selected “Scientist of the Year”. He is president of KuzeyDoga Society and faculty member at University of Utah Department of Biology.  Intelligent, knowledgeable, passionate… NTV […]

Extreme temperatures are influencing birds

It is December, but Flamingos are still flying in mile-high Kars, Turkey. An ecological message from Turkey to the climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico.  Two flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) were photographed last week by the science coordinator of KuzeyDoğa Society, Emrah Coban at the Ramsar site of Lake Kuyucuk Wildlife Reserve. “These birds prefer warm […]


“Unfortunately Obama will pay the price at the polls”

As the midterm election cycle finally approaches its end on Tuesday, the media will continue to be full of stories. Almost every political analyst agrees Democrats will lose congressional seats Nov. 2. I talked to Cenk Uygur about the US midterm election and more…  US midterm elections only hours away and I had a chance […]

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Music is like water, and they put the colors onto it…

The group “Painted On Water” have just released their new single “Love” and highly successfully toured 15 cities in the US…  The self titled debut album “Painted on Water” released in June 2009 by artists Sertab Erener and Demir Demirkan is a combination of traditional music and art from eastern culture with America’s roots music, […]

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